What is Rogue Continuum?

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So what exactly is Rogue Continuum all about?

It’s the planet crawler, arcade shooter that we’ve always wanted to play… so we built it. Now you can enjoy it too!

Rogue Continuum is a multiplayer Twin-Stick “Planet Crawler”. Up to four players must go back in time to stop the imminent destruction of Earth from an unknown doomsday fleet. To accomplish this, you must trek across a collection of alien-infested planets, underground caverns, and also land on asteroids to deliver indiscriminate death and destruction to a host of alien life forms.

As you rampage across the galaxy, a cloaked arms dealer conveniently sells you alien-grade weapons and armor. Clearly, the system is rigged in your favor. Spend money upgrading your guns and stats if you play well, or waste money buying health packs if you don’t.

4 heroes, four different play-styles.

You can choose from one of 4 unique characters, each with their own play style and weapons arsenal:
– Smackdown Sam, Mr. “Shoot-First-and-Ask-Questions-Later”.
– Ownage Olga, a deadly sniper assassin now working for the government
– Destructobot, a sentient mech with psychotic tendencies.
– Rampage Rufus, a chainsaw-wielding aristocrat without a home

Over the course of a few blogs we’ll be introducing you to the team and their weapons, so you get to know a bit more about each one of them.

In the meantime, be sure to play the game for yourselves HERE.

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