UPDATE: Final Early Access Build Uploaded to Steam, Ahead of the Full Game Launch

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The Rogue Continuum team are really proud to announce that the final Early Access build, featuring all the levels and launch content is now complete and has been uploaded to Steam (more info here).

The latest build of Rogue Continuum includes the anticipated fifth and final chapter, complete with big boss reveal [no Spoilers please]. Not only does this latest installment complete the narrative arc, but it also reveals the final mystery boss – so there is plenty in the new update for players to explore. Unlike the other worlds in the game, which can be chosen in any order once you unlock them, the new level can only be chosen as the final world for your run (since it contains the final boss of the game).

The exciting news is that this will be the final early access build. After a lot of hard work and improvements, we’re ready to take the game out of Early Access. We’ll be making more announcement on the fun release shortly as the game makes the transition to a full game on Steam so please keep stay tuned on our Twitter/Facebook pages as well as the Steam page for Rogue Continuum.

We’re extremely grateful for all the feedback we’ve received during the development cycle and throughout the Early Access program. Those who play our game and support us are really our source of energy and inspiration. So, we wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all of you!

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