PAX Prime Survived: Achievement Unlocked!

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Well, we’re back from PAX Prime and just about recovered, but wow (!!) what a show and what a great bunch of people we met. We are super-proud to be part of such a thriving and friendly indie development community and honored to have had the chance to show our game at PAX at the Surprise Attack booth, our publisher for Rogue Continuum.

The show was literally none stop! We had such a great response from everyone who played the game, whilst receiving some really valuable feedback on how we can make it even better ahead of its Early Access release later this month.

The response to the name change was also really supportive and it got a big thumbs up. But we don’t have time to reflect on PAX too much, as we have some great additions we wanted to get into the game for the upcoming early access launch (more on that in a later post). So we’ll be knuckled down, living on delivery pizza and extra-strong coffee for the next few days. For humanity!

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