Major Update: New Power-Ups Added to All Characters

New Abilities

We’ve been hunkered down over the last few months adding a number of features and balancing Rogue Continuum. One of the areas we’ve been particularly focused on are the weapons, specifically special attacks. Well, the hard work has paid off and we’re able to announce the following new killer Power-ups:

Smackdown Sam

  • Freedom Strike: Concentrated bomb blasts from a fleet of 5 bombers.
  • T-Raptor: Part T-Rex, part velociraptor, part robot, all-round killing machine.

Ownage Olga

  • All Critical: All of Olga’s shots become critical shots (dealing double the normal damage) for a limited amount of time.
  • Surgical Strike: Olga sets her target sights on a maximum of 8 enemies at one time.

Rampage Rufus

  • Slice ‘n Dice: Two rotating swords spin around Rufus, taking our anything in his path.
  • Unbreakable: Rufus become indestructible for a limited amount of time.


  • Triple Threat: Destructobot’s shots become tripe-aim spreadshots for a limited time.
  • The Big One: Destructobot targets an area, then a huge nuke descends and obliterates all enemies in the area.

These great new abilities will unlock at hero levels 12 and 18 respectively.

Check out our full update on Steam

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