GET TO KNOW: Smackdown Sam

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Welcome to the first in a series of Rogue Continuum play insights. During these posts we’ll take you through the characters and their key skills:


Smackdown Sam is a good all-rounder because of his mobility and solid attack range. He also has choices between fast-firing assault rifles, or slow-and-deadly grenade launchers and shotguns.


Smackdown Sam can use the following weapons:

  • Standard-Issue Assault Rifle: A fast-firing assault rifle, medium-long range.
  • Smithton AS-21 Shotgun: A short-range pump-action shotgun
  • Freedom-X Grenadier: A high-explosive grenade launcher
  • IronMaiden Rapidstrike: A long-range assault rifle with better accuracy and range, but less damage

The Standard-Issue Assault Rifle and AS-21 Shotgun are available at start, while the other two have to be unlocked by finding blueprints during runs. Each weapon can be upgraded to improve damage, ammo capacity and firing rate (depending on weapon), by finding weapon upgrades during runs.

From left to right: the IronMaiden RapidStrike, Smithton AS-21 Shotgun, Standard-Issue Assault Rife, and Freedom-X Grenadier.


Smackdown Sam also has four special abilities that are unique to him. The first one is available from the start, whereas the other three unlock at levels 6, 12 and 18 respectively. His special abilities are:

  • Rabid Fire:  Sam unleashes his inner rage, doubling his firing rate for a short duration.
  • Nuke’em!: Sam puts Earth’s large stock of nukes to good use by raining it down on enemies
  • Freedom Strike: Sam calls for a bombing fly-by to dispose of foes within his vicinity.
  • T-Raptor: Sam calls in his pet T-Rex ‘Mr. Chewie’ to help him out on the battlefield.

Remember to put his skill points to good use by assigning them to skills in the armory. Smackdown Sam gets 1 skill point for each time he levels up.

So, if you haven’t yet. head over to the character select screen and give Smackdown Sam a try. You won’t be disappointed!

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