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Announcing Early Access and new name!

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We’re super excited to announce that Rogue Continuum is going to launch into Early Access next month. 

Wait, what the hell is Rogue Continuum? The fancy new name for Space Sluggers, of course.

Why a new name? Well, the game has changed a lot since we first started working on it and we decided that we needed a new name that better reflected what it has become. 

Whilst we had originally envisioned a relatively linear game with branching paths, in the end we decided that a rogue-like structure was going to be much more fun and provide a lot more replayability, as well as working better for multiplayer. The tone has also moved away from the more extreme cheesy sci-fi to something that is still over the top and tongue in cheek but a little harder and more serious.

We love our new name and can’t wait to share Rogue Continuum with you when it hits Early Access. We’re just adding final polish and balancing to the Early Access version and hope to announce a specific date soon.

In the meantime Will is off to PAX Prime along with our publisher Surprise Attack Games to show the game. If you’re going then be sure to come by the booth (6021), we’d love to say hi.