GET TO KNOW: Smackdown Sam

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Welcome to the first in a series of Rogue Continuum play insights. During these posts we’ll take you through the characters and their key skills:


Smackdown Sam is a good all-rounder because of his mobility and solid attack range. He also has choices between fast-firing assault rifles, or slow-and-deadly grenade launchers and shotguns.


Smackdown Sam can use the following weapons:

  • Standard-Issue Assault Rifle: A fast-firing assault rifle, medium-long range.
  • Smithton AS-21 Shotgun: A short-range pump-action shotgun
  • Freedom-X Grenadier: A high-explosive grenade launcher
  • IronMaiden Rapidstrike: A long-range assault rifle with better accuracy and range, but less damage

The Standard-Issue Assault Rifle and AS-21 Shotgun are available at start, while the other two have to be unlocked by finding blueprints during runs. Each weapon can be upgraded to improve damage, ammo capacity and firing rate (depending on weapon), by finding weapon upgrades during runs.

From left to right: the IronMaiden RapidStrike, Smithton AS-21 Shotgun, Standard-Issue Assault Rife, and Freedom-X Grenadier.


Smackdown Sam also has four special abilities that are unique to him. The first one is available from the start, whereas the other three unlock at levels 6, 12 and 18 respectively. His special abilities are:

  • Rabid Fire:  Sam unleashes his inner rage, doubling his firing rate for a short duration.
  • Nuke’em!: Sam puts Earth’s large stock of nukes to good use by raining it down on enemies
  • Freedom Strike: Sam calls for a bombing fly-by to dispose of foes within his vicinity.
  • T-Raptor: Sam calls in his pet T-Rex ‘Mr. Chewie’ to help him out on the battlefield.

Remember to put his skill points to good use by assigning them to skills in the armory. Smackdown Sam gets 1 skill point for each time he levels up.

So, if you haven’t yet. head over to the character select screen and give Smackdown Sam a try. You won’t be disappointed!

Launch detected!

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After being in Early Access for a year, we’re happy to announce that Rogue Continuum development is complete, and the game will be transitioning to full release on Steam, on October 4th.

It’s been a long journey to get here, and along the way we learned a great deal. As always, we’re extremely thankful to everyone on here who has played the game, or followed the progress of the game, giving us feedback along the way. You’re awesome!

Please stay tuned for more announcements.

Major Update: New Power-Ups Added to All Characters

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New Abilities

We’ve been hunkered down over the last few months adding a number of features and balancing Rogue Continuum. One of the areas we’ve been particularly focused on are the weapons, specifically special attacks. Well, the hard work has paid off and we’re able to announce the following new killer Power-ups:

Smackdown Sam

  • Freedom Strike: Concentrated bomb blasts from a fleet of 5 bombers.
  • T-Raptor: Part T-Rex, part velociraptor, part robot, all-round killing machine.

Ownage Olga

  • All Critical: All of Olga’s shots become critical shots (dealing double the normal damage) for a limited amount of time.
  • Surgical Strike: Olga sets her target sights on a maximum of 8 enemies at one time.

Rampage Rufus

  • Slice ‘n Dice: Two rotating swords spin around Rufus, taking our anything in his path.
  • Unbreakable: Rufus become indestructible for a limited amount of time.


  • Triple Threat: Destructobot’s shots become tripe-aim spreadshots for a limited time.
  • The Big One: Destructobot targets an area, then a huge nuke descends and obliterates all enemies in the area.

These great new abilities will unlock at hero levels 12 and 18 respectively.

Check out our full update on Steam

PAX Prime Survived: Achievement Unlocked!

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Well, we’re back from PAX Prime and just about recovered, but wow (!!) what a show and what a great bunch of people we met. We are super-proud to be part of such a thriving and friendly indie development community and honored to have had the chance to show our game at PAX at the Surprise Attack booth, our publisher for Rogue Continuum.

The show was literally none stop! We had such a great response from everyone who played the game, whilst receiving some really valuable feedback on how we can make it even better ahead of its Early Access release later this month.

The response to the name change was also really supportive and it got a big thumbs up. But we don’t have time to reflect on PAX too much, as we have some great additions we wanted to get into the game for the upcoming early access launch (more on that in a later post). So we’ll be knuckled down, living on delivery pizza and extra-strong coffee for the next few days. For humanity!

Announcing Early Access and new name!

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We’re super excited to announce that Rogue Continuum is going to launch into Early Access next month. 

Wait, what the hell is Rogue Continuum? The fancy new name for Space Sluggers, of course.

Why a new name? Well, the game has changed a lot since we first started working on it and we decided that we needed a new name that better reflected what it has become. 

Whilst we had originally envisioned a relatively linear game with branching paths, in the end we decided that a rogue-like structure was going to be much more fun and provide a lot more replayability, as well as working better for multiplayer. The tone has also moved away from the more extreme cheesy sci-fi to something that is still over the top and tongue in cheek but a little harder and more serious.

We love our new name and can’t wait to share Rogue Continuum with you when it hits Early Access. We’re just adding final polish and balancing to the Early Access version and hope to announce a specific date soon.

In the meantime Will is off to PAX Prime along with our publisher Surprise Attack Games to show the game. If you’re going then be sure to come by the booth (6021), we’d love to say hi.