GET TO KNOW: Smackdown Sam

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Welcome to the first in a series of Rogue Continuum play insights. During these posts we’ll take you through the characters and their key skills:


Smackdown Sam is a good all-rounder because of his mobility and solid attack range. He also has choices between fast-firing assault rifles, or slow-and-deadly grenade launchers and shotguns.


Smackdown Sam can use the following weapons:

  • Standard-Issue Assault Rifle: A fast-firing assault rifle, medium-long range.
  • Smithton AS-21 Shotgun: A short-range pump-action shotgun
  • Freedom-X Grenadier: A high-explosive grenade launcher
  • IronMaiden Rapidstrike: A long-range assault rifle with better accuracy and range, but less damage

The Standard-Issue Assault Rifle and AS-21 Shotgun are available at start, while the other two have to be unlocked by finding blueprints during runs. Each weapon can be upgraded to improve damage, ammo capacity and firing rate (depending on weapon), by finding weapon upgrades during runs.

From left to right: the IronMaiden RapidStrike, Smithton AS-21 Shotgun, Standard-Issue Assault Rife, and Freedom-X Grenadier.


Smackdown Sam also has four special abilities that are unique to him. The first one is available from the start, whereas the other three unlock at levels 6, 12 and 18 respectively. His special abilities are:

  • Rabid Fire:  Sam unleashes his inner rage, doubling his firing rate for a short duration.
  • Nuke’em!: Sam puts Earth’s large stock of nukes to good use by raining it down on enemies
  • Freedom Strike: Sam calls for a bombing fly-by to dispose of foes within his vicinity.
  • T-Raptor: Sam calls in his pet T-Rex ‘Mr. Chewie’ to help him out on the battlefield.

Remember to put his skill points to good use by assigning them to skills in the armory. Smackdown Sam gets 1 skill point for each time he levels up.

So, if you haven’t yet. head over to the character select screen and give Smackdown Sam a try. You won’t be disappointed!

What is Rogue Continuum?

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So what exactly is Rogue Continuum all about?

It’s the planet crawler, arcade shooter that we’ve always wanted to play… so we built it. Now you can enjoy it too!

Rogue Continuum is a multiplayer Twin-Stick “Planet Crawler”. Up to four players must go back in time to stop the imminent destruction of Earth from an unknown doomsday fleet. To accomplish this, you must trek across a collection of alien-infested planets, underground caverns, and also land on asteroids to deliver indiscriminate death and destruction to a host of alien life forms.

As you rampage across the galaxy, a cloaked arms dealer conveniently sells you alien-grade weapons and armor. Clearly, the system is rigged in your favor. Spend money upgrading your guns and stats if you play well, or waste money buying health packs if you don’t.

4 heroes, four different play-styles.

You can choose from one of 4 unique characters, each with their own play style and weapons arsenal:
– Smackdown Sam, Mr. “Shoot-First-and-Ask-Questions-Later”.
– Ownage Olga, a deadly sniper assassin now working for the government
– Destructobot, a sentient mech with psychotic tendencies.
– Rampage Rufus, a chainsaw-wielding aristocrat without a home

Over the course of a few blogs we’ll be introducing you to the team and their weapons, so you get to know a bit more about each one of them.

In the meantime, be sure to play the game for yourselves HERE.

Launch detected!

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After being in Early Access for a year, we’re happy to announce that Rogue Continuum development is complete, and the game will be transitioning to full release on Steam, on October 4th.

It’s been a long journey to get here, and along the way we learned a great deal. As always, we’re extremely thankful to everyone on here who has played the game, or followed the progress of the game, giving us feedback along the way. You’re awesome!

Please stay tuned for more announcements.

UPDATE: Final Early Access Build Uploaded to Steam, Ahead of the Full Game Launch

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The Rogue Continuum team are really proud to announce that the final Early Access build, featuring all the levels and launch content is now complete and has been uploaded to Steam (more info here).

The latest build of Rogue Continuum includes the anticipated fifth and final chapter, complete with big boss reveal [no Spoilers please]. Not only does this latest installment complete the narrative arc, but it also reveals the final mystery boss – so there is plenty in the new update for players to explore. Unlike the other worlds in the game, which can be chosen in any order once you unlock them, the new level can only be chosen as the final world for your run (since it contains the final boss of the game).

The exciting news is that this will be the final early access build. After a lot of hard work and improvements, we’re ready to take the game out of Early Access. We’ll be making more announcement on the fun release shortly as the game makes the transition to a full game on Steam so please keep stay tuned on our Twitter/Facebook pages as well as the Steam page for Rogue Continuum.

We’re extremely grateful for all the feedback we’ve received during the development cycle and throughout the Early Access program. Those who play our game and support us are really our source of energy and inspiration. So, we wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all of you!

Major Update: New Power-Ups Added to All Characters

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New Abilities

We’ve been hunkered down over the last few months adding a number of features and balancing Rogue Continuum. One of the areas we’ve been particularly focused on are the weapons, specifically special attacks. Well, the hard work has paid off and we’re able to announce the following new killer Power-ups:

Smackdown Sam

  • Freedom Strike: Concentrated bomb blasts from a fleet of 5 bombers.
  • T-Raptor: Part T-Rex, part velociraptor, part robot, all-round killing machine.

Ownage Olga

  • All Critical: All of Olga’s shots become critical shots (dealing double the normal damage) for a limited amount of time.
  • Surgical Strike: Olga sets her target sights on a maximum of 8 enemies at one time.

Rampage Rufus

  • Slice ‘n Dice: Two rotating swords spin around Rufus, taking our anything in his path.
  • Unbreakable: Rufus become indestructible for a limited amount of time.


  • Triple Threat: Destructobot’s shots become tripe-aim spreadshots for a limited time.
  • The Big One: Destructobot targets an area, then a huge nuke descends and obliterates all enemies in the area.

These great new abilities will unlock at hero levels 12 and 18 respectively.

Check out our full update on Steam

Life as a Dev Ahead of Early Access Launch

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Wow! The last couple of weeks since PAX have been a total rollercoaster, as we get Rogue Continuum in shape for ready for Early Access, starting later today.

Many of you will already know that the game has been in development for over a year and in that time it’s undergone a number of changes for the better, including recently getting a new name and makeover.

Over the course of that year, we’ve made many new friends, which is what being part of an indie development community is all about! We’ve also been lucky enough to attend a number of meet-ups, and shows like PAX Prime and GamesCom, which have allowed us to meet the players and gamers who’ve given us great feedback and helped shape the game you’re about to see.

We really happy to say: Thanks to everyone who has worked on the game, and most importantly the all of you, we’re just about ready. The Early Access launch features all four characters and almost all core features with local multiplayer (online multiplayer will be added soon). Regular updates are already underway though ahead of the full launch in 2016.  We’ll be adding a lot more environments, characters, weapons, enemies and items etc.

So, thanks for your support! We look forward to speaking with you and sharing lots of updates on the game over the coming weeks.